Bold Strokes


Using only the typographic elements of a chosen font, design a full deck of 52 playing cards. The design should be informative of its history and celebrate the letter forms of the typeface.


Neue Haas Grotesk, the predecessor of Helvetica, was created by the genius of Max Miedinger and Edward Hoffman under the Haas Type Foundry. It lived on the cusp of the digital realm, starting as a Linotype – 18-unit system typeface before blooming into a staple Swiss font that helped define the International Style.


Bold Strokes is a deck of typographic playing cards. Each number card displays a tight pattern of deconstructed strokes, rotated in quadrants. Differentiation of the ace and face cards is achieved through changing the verticality of the spelled out card name. Legibility is maintained despite orientation, and the vibrant colours indicative of each suit gives clear organisation.

Deconstructed strokes

For each variation of the letter forms, the sections that were omitted or kept were intentional decisions to prioritise the recognition of each form. By choosing which portions of the outline was kept, a variety of unique options was possible, including glyphs that merely consist of four or five individual strokes.

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